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Page history last edited by Eve Dmochowska 13 years, 12 months ago

QVC (Quality Vacation Club) sues blogger (in South Africa)


A blogger, Donn Edwards, is being sued by QVC (South Africa) for blogging about their dubious business practice.

This wiki is set up to monitor the impact on QVC's online reputation as a result of the legal case.


Links to blog posts (and other references) about the case: 


Donn Edwards Posts:

Collection of all posts re this case

Court Documents

Press Release


Blog posts, articles:

QVC: Here is your sign 

Why I think the Quality Vacation Club is a Dubious Organisation

Should bloggers watch their mouths?

Learning the hard way: Blogger's court case

Sued for complaining?

QVC has flawed logic

Dodgy timeshare companies sink even lower

A small matter of R461,500: The Quality Vacation Club Farce

Quality Vacation Club scam

Timeshares, annoying phone calls and lawsuits

Quality Vacation Club

Holiday Club is a scam

Is calling people and telling them they've won a prize a scam?

Timeshare "sales scam"

What would Isabel do? 

Another blogger feels the lash

Blogger under fire

QVC pays out in full

The big lesson that QVC is teaching us

The lessons of QVC vs Donn Edwards



Hello Peter (Overwhelmingly negative)

QVC on Afrigator

Discussion/Forum on the QVC saga

Group on Facebook

>>Audio File of John Robbie show with Donn Edwards<<

QVC on Twitter



Links to Offline Media reporting on the case: 

Sunday Independent (Newspaper. Reach: ??)

702, John Robbie morning show (Radio, Reach: ??)











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